Mark Bosnich is known for not only his ability on the football field during his career but also his mischievousness off it, and that part of him was there from an early age according to the hilarious yarn he spun on this week’s Fox Football Podcast.

The former Socceroo made his name at Manchester United – twice – but it was his first spell there when he was just 16 which saw some of his funniest behaviour – not that Sir Alex Ferguson saw it that way.

When talking with host Adam Peacock about if he’d ever broken quarantine, he recalled one moment he risked Fergie’s wrath by staying out later than his curfew.

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“I’ve not broken quarantine, but I’ll give you a story of when we were young kids at Manchester United,” he said. “I was injured at the time but I’d arranged to go out, funnily enough, with Darren Ferguson, Sir Alex’s son, and a couple of the other boys and we got home after 12pm.

“I was in the digs with three boys from Northern Ireland, who were lovely lads until they had a drink and started arguing about things. We used to have a system where we’d always leave the key on top of the front door.

“Well those dimwits forgot to leave the key out for the Bozza. So I had to climb on top of my roof – it was freezing, I think it was December – to get into my window, which I always left open just in case. It was a contingency.


“But as I was climbing, my foot slipped a little bit on the black ice and knocked down the guttering – not all of it, but enough of it.

“So, rightly so, the landlady went nuts and rang Sir Alex Ferguson and he got me in the office straightaway first thing [in the morning].

“He was going nuts and demanding names but I said no. It wasn’t up to me to tell other people’s names. So he said: ‘Fine, you’re suspended. Get your clothes off and get off the training ground until further notice.’

“He then turned around and said: ‘What time did you get in? I heard it was 2 o’clock in the morning!’ And I said: ‘No it wasn’t!’ So he asked what time it was and I responded, ‘well, 1.50!’

“So then he started going nuts again.

“When my dad left Sir Alex in charge of me when I was 16 he said if I gave him any trouble just give me a whack around the head. So Fergie used to do it all the time. Even when I was at lunch he’d do it and I’d ask what it was for and he’d say: ‘Just in case you thought about doing something stupid!’

“So the next day my parents and sister were arriving, fully paid for by Manchester United, to come and visit me in Manchester.

“So I’m at the airport to pick them up and we were in the car on the way back and they were asking what was going on so I had to tell them. As soon as we got to the stop sign, I copped another thick head from dad in the back of the car.

“Moral to the story: just listen guys, it’s not worth it.”