England football great Gary Lineker has recalled Michael Jordan’s brilliant reply to a bet offer when he hosted him for a round of golf.

In a Twitter thread on Wednesday, Lineker told the story how Jordan and actor Samuel L. Jackson asked for round at Sunningdale, west of London, where Lineker was a member.

The prospect of a wager on the round inevitably came up, and it was Jordan’s reply that lives long in Lineker’s memory.

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“It was a Thursday night and I got a call from my agent. He said, ‘I’ve had Michael Jordan’s people on the phone and he wants to play at Sunningdale’,” Lineker wrote.

“So Saturday night I get call from my agent, ‘There’s now 6 of them, 2 more friends and Samuel L Jackson.’ ‘S***, I’ll need to find another member to play with the other 3. I’ll call my friend, Queeny (Michael King, former European tour player and Sunningdale member), I’m sure he’ll help’.

“Thankfully he was free and available. I turned up at 8.30am. Keith, the club pro said ‘Your guests have arrived, they’re on the putting green.’

“There they were, 6 of them, 5 giant basketball players and Samuel L Jackson ambling around, putting and smoking cigars. The observing, quintessentially white elderly members were wide-eyed. We introduced ourselves and headed to the 1st tee.





“Now my mate Queeny liked a bet on the golf course and was a bit of a hustler. So we’re all stood there and Queeny says in his slightly posh voice, ‘so Michael would you like bet, a little wager?’

“Michael says, ‘sure, man.’ Queeny says, ‘so how much would you like to play for?’

“Michael puffs on his cigar, looks straight at him, smiles and says, ‘Whatever makes you feel uncomfortable, man.’

“Mr Jordan had already won the day.”

When asked by social media users how much the bet was worth, Lineker wrote: “Minuscule by Michael Jordan standards, I imagine. Hundred quid or thereabouts and it was one of his easier slam dunks. He was delightful company by the way.”