So James Harden had another busy night, then.

A game after scoring 60 points in three quarters before being benched, the Houston star was again in the thick of the action, this time against San Antonio. He scored 50 points and was involved in two fascinating incidents; one of them a lot more impactful than the other.

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First, the serious one. With the Rockets leading 102-89 in the fourth quarter, Harden made a clever jump to nab a steal at midcourt and ran in for an easy, uncontested dunk.

He dunked, and the ball went through the net, but the net then flipped back up with the ball, causing it to ricochet on top of the rim and nearly go through a second time, before bouncing off and out of bounds.

Harden and Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni argued the ball went through – which it did – but the referees at the time did not call it and the play was not reviewable.

James Harden dunks, in a basket the refs decided didn't count.

Did it matter? Well, yeah. The Spurs fought back thanks to 28 points off the bench from Lonnie Walker IV and tied the game at 115-115, sending it to overtime. San Antonio then eventually won in double overtime, 135-133, after Harden was called for an offensive foul with 0.8 seconds to go.

Obviously it doesn’t quite work to say if the Rockets had scored those two extra points, they would have won in regulation, but they certainly would’ve been further ahead – and, you’d think, more likely to win.

The second major incident was, well, a lot less major.

Early in the game Harden did as Harden does, drawing a foul and heading to the foul line to shoot his free throws – he finished the night shooting 24 of 24 on them.

As he did so, a fan (very audibly on the broadcast) yelled out: “No-one wants to see a free throw shooting contest!”

Almost before the fan finished the jab, Harden hit back saying “Nobody wants to see fouls either, goddammnit!”

It’s almost like he’s heard that complaint before and had that one ready.