It’s worth a try.

Anthony Beauvillier has scored 10 goals for the New York Islanders this season, but he spent his Christmas taking a different kind of shot.

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The four-year veteran seemingly took his shot with actress Anna Kendrick on Twitter, posting a simple “Hi @AnnaKendrick47.”

The tweet has since garnered well over 19 thousand likes and climbing and has brought about plenty of wingmen in the replies trying to help his case.

“Remember Beau when you saved me from a burning building, cooked me a 7 course meal and taught me 8 languages,” former Islander defenceman Bruno Gervais replied. “That was a great day.”

The replies didn’t stop there however with everyone getting in on the act and retelling stories of Beauvillier coming to the rescue and helping them out, in an attempt to help the young ice hockey star out.

Kendrick, 34, is best known for her starring roles in “Pitch Perfect” and “Up in the Air,” and is in the new Disney+ original “Noelle.”

And almost 48 hours after the tweet from Beauvillier, Kendrick replied thanking fans for the tales his “heroism”.

Beauvillier, 22, has been one of the Islanders’ most-improved players this year, helping the team to a 23-9-3 record, the third-best mark in the league.

The 2015 first-round pick has 22 points in 35 games after recording 28 points in 81 games last season.

This story first appeared in the and was republished with permission.